You could be a great person, but no thank you
  1. Not knowing when it's their turn to listen
    I've listened to 3 of your stories back to back. Let me tell my anecdote
  2. Loudness
    Not a fan. I'm 3 feet away. Ssshhh
  3. Not getting to the point
    I love spending time with people, but just say something that matters. Please.
  4. Incessant teasing
    I love a good burn. But encouragement is equally important.
  5. A non generous laugher
  6. A non apologizer
  7. Allowing someone to tell an uncomfortable truth and they still won't
  8. Ignoring details
    The big picture is cool but you have to plan SOME thing
  9. Not being overly kind to dogs and cats
    I'm serious. Over do it please.