1. Dessert
    If you get stuck with/volunteer for dessert course in Restaurant Wars, get ready to be called the eff out. Even if you brag about how you've worked under a pastry chef and it's your grandma's recipe and you won an award for it. They won't like it.
  2. Risotto
    There's a reason they call it the risotto curse. Just don't do it. You never have time to cook it properly. You're a chef you should know this.
  3. Pasta
    You probably don't have time to actually make pasta, but they will light you up if you buy pre-made pasta.
  4. Sous vide anything
    Basically no one ever does it right. A lot of the time people use it as a last resort for tough meat and that doesn't help. Leave the science to the scientists. And Richard Blais.