Things My Gf Could Have Used Instead of Cheap Ass Dollar Store Trash Bags for Kitty Litter Removal

It broke on me when I was taking it out. A fucking cascade of shit and piss-soaked sand, like the world's worst 'Michael Jackson in the "Remember the Time" video' Halloween costume. Thin-ass, cheap-ass dollar store trash bag, in tatters, and me in work clothes cleaning up the awful mess. Maybe instead she should have used any of these:
  1. Her purse.
  2. A pillow case.
  3. Grab it by the handful and make several trips.
  4. Fill up the cup portion of her World's Cheapest Shopper trophy.
  5. Pour it in the trunk of my sweet, sweet-ass 1998 Dodge Neon, which has a surprising amount of space back there.
  6. Bake it into a cake and smuggle it into a prison dumpster.
  7. Make a litter snowman and place a magician's silk hat on top, then calmly walk the litter snowman (Clumpy, they named him) to the trash and his untimely end.
  8. I dunno, spend like 3 bucks on trash bags that aren't tissue paper fragile.