1. quell fan anxiety by getting Jamie Foxx to impersonate every Clipper
  2. bring in front office help that quietly takes over the minutiae of Doc's GM role but appears externally to be bolstering his staff
    if this doesn't happen, none of the next steps matter. the clippers will be looking at wholly different landscape that I won't even begin to dig into until it becomes necessary
  4. trade Jamal Crawford for depth to a team looking for cap space
    for example, if the Phoenix Suns lock up Brandon Knight for around $13 million, they'll have enough cap space that trading PJ Tucker for Jamal and waiving his non-guaranteed contract will give them enough space to offer a 25-30% max contract
  5. barring that kind of scenario, trade Jamal Crawford for a pick. any pick.
    I know it sounds crazy to parlay the tangible for the intangible when you're in win now mode with zero depth, but hear me out. the clippers don't need any more offensive fire power. they have no picks in the draft this year (thanks doc) and CJ Wilcox, last years wing pick, deserves a fair shake. losing Jamal would force Doc to stagger the rotation a bit more, solving some depth issues. plus, who wants to watch a JC-Rivers backcourt? I mean, I do, but only as performance art
  6. Go hard for a back up big with the mid level exception
    The Clippers are hamstrung cap-wise, so this is the only viable move. Kevin Seraphin, Ed Davis and Kosta Koufos are youngish two-way enough bench guys who might be attracted to LA and the chance to compete for a title
  7. take on a few reclamation projects
    no, doc: rajan rondo doesn't count