Requested by Amy Castle

Places I've lived, ranked

I'm also counting places I've volunteered/worked/studied short-term as long as it was more than two months. Because it makes me feel more impressive than I actually am.
  1. 12.
    Sevierville, Tennessee
    THIS PLACE IS A HELLSCAPE and yes that is a statue of Dolly Parton in front of the courthouse. I live here now and I am trying my darndest to GET OUT
  2. 11.
    Crestview, Florida
    We only lived here like a year and a half but for some reason when I google the image I had a really strong negative physical feeling? Weird
  3. 10.
    Bastrop, Texas
    I lived here from 3 months to 8 years so I just remember general kid stuff which is pretty happy
  4. 9.
    Orlando, Florida
    I was born here but we moved when I was three months old. I did spend a LOT of time here when I lived in Leesburg. It's a tourist trap what can you say
  5. 8.
    Leesburg, Florida
    The best thing about it is that it is close to Orlando, but I lived here from 5th grade through high school graduation so I mean I have some good memories of the people I guess.
  6. 7.
    Sarajevo, Bosnia
    I was a legal fellow here working on war crimes cases here, and it's an interesting/strange place. The culture is different than anything I've experienced, not quite Europe not quite "third world" (I hate that phrase) but everything was cheap so that's good. It was a long few months.
  7. 6.
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti
    I've been several times (growing up in a Florida church it's basically mandatory) but I worked longer term after the earthquake. It is a really difficult place to be in every sense, and I have a shit ton of issues with our involvement there, but I LOVE the Haitian people and their strength and their culture. And the MANGOS AND PLANTAINS DEAR LORD 🙌
  8. 5.
    Galway, Ireland
    I studied at NUI Galway and what a smashing place. Unfortunately I had some personal anxiety things happening at the time which color my time there, but it is so beautiful and the people are AMAZING. I really really want to go back (I went back and forth on placement between here and Port-au-Prince but the readily available hot showers and no burning trash smell meant it beat PaP out.)
  9. 4.
    Jacksonville, FL
    I went to law school here and while it's nothing spectacular, I loved being close to St. Augustine and being near so much water
  10. 3.
    Pensacola Beach, FL
    We lived in this resort for like eight months while my dad did some training when I was in third grade and I thought it was SO COOL. I think I would hate Pensacola now but eight year old me's thoughts rule here
  11. 2.
    Brussels, Belgium
    I worked here for eight months in college, and I can't express how much this city means to me. Who I am today is directly tied to experiences and people and even just thought processes that began there. Also I mean beer and chocolate it's a paradise
  12. 1.
    St. Augustine, FL
    I went to Flagler and then taught here for three years and I consider it home 💖