I watch entirely too much television. So much. But here's the things I'm working through at the moment.
  1. Last Week Tonight
    It's my sanity
  2. Luke Cage
    I've only watched the first episode but I liked it. I've just been mentally preoccupied so fluff tv has been my go-to
  3. Masterchef Australia
    I've made two lists and this has been in both of them it's kind of a thing right now
  4. Meet the Press
    My adoration and respect for Tim Russert actually changed the direction of my life and I haven't missed a week in 11 years
  5. Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars
    I love these queens. Love.
  6. The Great British Bake Off
    It's the most perfect show
  7. The West Wing
    I've already watched most of the series but I am rewatching alongside The West Wing Weekly podcast. What's next?
  8. Speechless
    Minnie Driver is great and I feel like the show is both really honest and hilarious
  9. I want to start Atlanta and Insecure soon. Any other suggestions?