1. Keep up with my work out routine.
    Since coming home from my last tour i have been working out regularly and walking more. It has made me feel really great and I look forward to maintaining this lifestyle change.
  2. Cook more.
    I love to cook, so why do I go out to eat so much? I would love to save money, know exactly what is in what I consume and learn new recipes this year.
  3. Continue writing and progress my current projects
    2016 was a great year of personal growth in terms of figuring out what I wanted to do with my life now and what I feel passionate about. I have wrote five scripts and am in the process of getting my first feature into production. I hope to keep up this momentum and continue strengthening my skills.
  4. Advance my German and Swedish.
    I taught myself a very basic introduction to both languages and I want to achieve a conversational level knowledge of both languages by the end of the year.
  5. Try one new thing each month.
  6. Travel to a new country.
  7. Visit foreign friends.
  8. Visit my family back in New England more than twice.
    Quite possibly unrealistic but I am hopeful.
  9. Read more.
  10. See more films that I should have seen by now.
    I am tired of living under a rock with Ant Jr. Any suggestions/recommendations are welcomed and encouraged.
  11. Listen to more jazz and classical.
  12. Listen to more rock and roll.
  13. Write a new song every month.
  14. Write a new story every month.
  15. Call my friends out of the blue to catch up more.
  16. Get rid of some materiel possessions.
  17. Try to pay off a decent portion of my student loans.
  18. Buy a cool car or something economical and environmentally friendly or something.
    I strive to be more of an actual adult this year.