1. Suspense
    Watching this show has me scared and wanting to know the answers.
  2. Acting
    I usually hate child acting. There's few acceptions including this show. The kids are the main focus and should be. Winona Ryder is great and conveys the feeling of losing a child
  3. Story
    From the cold open to the 8th episodes credits I was glued to my seat. The way the duffer brothers write and direct this series creates the illusion that you are part of the story.
  4. Setting
    With almost a twin peaks vibe. Creating the idea that a small town is rattled when a child turns up missing. Taking place in the eighties the show has references and synth music to put you in the 80's.
  5. Characters
    Every character is fleshed out. There is no dump of exposition it is told through flashbacks or small pieces of conversation.