1. Rocky
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    classic all grey sweatsuit with Chuck Taylors
  2. Flashdance
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    leg warmers done right
  3. Clueless (part 1)
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    a flannel is a great way to hide those "Buns of Steel" on the way to your workout
  4. Clueless (part 2)
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    wish our gym uniforms were this chic
  5. Million Dollar Baby
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    hair inspiration on 💯
  6. Honey
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    Nike sports bra + camo pants 👌🏻
  7. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
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    You should totally try this one out at soul cycle
  8. Bridesmaids
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    Vintage Lacoste tennis dress. "get your shit together, Carol!"
  9. Dirty Dancing
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    Can't put Baby in the corner in this look