Not the same as movies i will always watch if they're on tv. Why would i watch a great movie on tv just to let it be ruined by commercials and random interruptions. Movies should be seen at the cinema or on my laptop with earphones in.
  1. 500 Days of Summer
    Because everytime i watch it i identify in a different way
  2. The Departed
    Because martin scorcesse + jack nicholson + mark wahlberg + leo dicaprio + matt damon + deathnote style tension = perfectio
  3. American Beauty
    This just blew me away. An actual masterpiece.
  4. Donnie Darko
    Because 2001 jake gyllenhaal is bae. Also its a really fucked up movie but in the good way that blows your mind. Also seth rogen is in this is a really minor character and thats all the comic relief i need.