Been dreaming of doing these things while spending endless nights with my bio and chem textbooks
  1. Finish season 5 of game of thrones
    I only got through the first 2 episodes before my workpile got too high to ignore
  2. Watch 30 rock
    I like to binge watch shows that i should have watched 5 years ago and haven't and 30 rock is my new target
  3. Read YA fiction books
    I love these books they nourish my soul and my soul is in dire need of repair after being forced into endless chapters of organic chemistry reactions and neurotransmitter pathways. I need some summer romance stories!!
  4. Go to the cinema
    Cinema is bae and in leb its relatively cheap. So many new films have come and gone and i haven't had a chance to watch them!
  5. Hang out with my friends??
    Question marks because this only works if our exam periods are synchronized. Oh the struggle </3
  6. Accept my parents pleas to join them for family lunches on the weekend
    Parents, dont take my rejections personally. Love you guys. I'm ready to join you now.
  7. Go star gazing!
    Astronomy club at my uni is hosting a trip this weekend and im pumped cuz fuck yeah nature >>> books in the wise words of William Wordsworth which i only know cuz of english lit class hey maybe uni isnt useless
  8. Start preparing for finals
    Yes, these exams are only the second round of midterms. This blissfull period will last around 2 weeks and then ill need to lock down into finals mode. I usually try and keep up with classes as much as possible during these times so im not completely screwed later on.