1. Check twitter
  2. Check instagram
  3. Check facebook (so 2008 i know)
  4. Check the buzzfeed app and do weird what harry potter character are you quizzes
  5. Play falldown 2. I actually do this anytime and anywhere its basically a compulsion i do it without noticing and my friends want to delete this game off my phone
  6. Learn spanish on duolingo
  7. Ask my friend in canada if she wants to skype
  8. Ask my friend in england if she wants to skype
  9. Make lists about all the work i need to do
  10. Make a calender and arrange the next 30 days of my life
  11. Look at old photo albums
  12. Organize the drawers in my room
  13. Read old whatsapp conversations
  14. Make lists like these on list app (?)
  15. Watch game of thrones or whatever show im currently obsessing over