Realized while typing these out that they are all 'had to be there' moments. Oops.
  1. The cute guy in my class is about to walk out any moment. Oh there he is - i'll see you later, i'm gonna follow him.
  2. Me: So how's the semester going? Friend: I'm miserable.
    I haven't seen this guy in like a month. It was a good catch up.
  3. My dog is a beagle and his name is bagel
    Standard conversation while getting to know my lab partner
  4. Guys, I think my english professor is a spy.
    There are a lot of theories that any foreign teacher we have is a spy
  5. My marketing group is cursed
    They were having a hard time arranging when to meet up.
  6. Honorary mention - Chemistry teacher: hi guys, i'm uh, not feeling very well today, so no class.
    He said this to us IN CLASS. He didn't send an email, he literally came to class, walked in and was like nah fuck this im too tired for these nerds, then told us he was sick and got out. I love him.