1. On november 12th, two suicide bombers set themselves off in a populated civilian area
    ISIS claimed responsibility. It was a muslim area. There was a 3rd suicide bomber guy but an absolute hero named Adel Thermos died in the process of preventing him from entering a crowded Mosque.
  2. Bombs aren't uncommon in Beirut.
    Throughout the 7 years i've lived there, there has been several bomb attacks. Sometimes in areas frightfully close to the hub of the city, sometimes in less populated mountain areas. This attack has had the most casualties than any of the others as far as i can remember. Most of the attacks are suicide bombers.
  3. Our government is useless
    They are in a gridlock where they get nothing done because they are too busy arguing about who to put in power. Im pretty sure we don't have a president. The government illegally reelects itself because why not??
  4. Friday was a day of mourning
    Schools and universities were shut. But Lebanese people being Lebanese, were still out and about. We're immune to these occurences now. We know that the attacks happen when we least expect it. We know that safety is an illusion, and that nobody and nothing is protecting us.
  5. A lot of Lebanese people have ties with France
    Lebanon was a French mandate up until a few decades ago. Most of our schools operate through the French 'lycee' system. French is the first or second language for nearly everyone in the country. People have friends and family there. All our hearts break for the atrocity happening in Paris.
  6. Lebanon isn't really a Muslim country
    About a third of the population (not counting the recent influx of Syrian refugees) is Christian. The Muslim community is devided into two different sects. ISIS targets all of us. This is important to know.
  7. We want peace
    We are tired of all the hate and the uncertainty and lives lost. Its been too long. We want peace for our country and for all the others affected by the terrorists.