1. "Get your feet off the table! Gypsies do that!"
  2. "Get out of the road! When we were children gypsies would steal you and poke out your eyes and make you beg. Get out of the road!"
  3. "Stop running! You're going to fall down, crack your head open on the concrete, your brains are going to be on the floor, and your going to say :"I'm sorry Oma, for not listening."
  4. Eat. Eat. Eat.
  5. "She's vegetarian? Well, we have bread and potatoes."
  6. "If you go hungry in this house , it's your own fault!"
  7. "When I was your age I had to get up and slaughter and butcher the pig. "
  8. "You have a headache? I had a headache during the war, because they were bombing."
  9. "You look like a gypsy"
    If I wore colorful or hippie/boho style clothing
  10. "I liked your hair better the other way"
    Anytime I did anything new with my hair
  11. "Nice girls don't go to bars"
  12. "Remember, I might not see, but God sees everything"
  13. "You make baby Jesus cry when you do that".....
    Anytime we would act up as children
  14. "Do you have A PANTS to wear?"... Yes a pants.
  15. Val-Mart, Ad-wil, anything mixing up Vs and Ws
  16. Arguing in German about the right size to cut vegetables for soup.