Don't get me wrong, life is good, but this makes me really sad
  1. When people litter, especially in national parks
    Grand Canyon had 20 deer die this year bc they kept eating plastic :(((
  2. When my sister is sad over things I can't help her with
  3. When people won't let me try to help them
  4. When I see couples in flourishing, happy relationships
    Especially those I know that started dating when jude and I did. I wish that was us.
  5. Jude moving on/being distant
    It's probably reasonable and healthy for us not to talk everyday. But damn it hurts so bad bc I still really love him, and it's like losing a best friend. We did friends well but it was too close and too tempting so we couldnt be just friends for right now. So I know we need space, but I don't want it. I just want everything to be happy and okay and to love each other.
  6. People going back on their word
    HMU for a salty story here
  7. When people worry about me
    I partially like the reassurance but also partially don't because there's things about me that make some people close to me worry and I can't change them and I'm sorry that they worry
  8. Not being able to direct my skills/talents to actually useful things