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  1. Music
    So much music, all we did is exchange songs, so many good songs ruined with the image of you.
  2. The fucking sun
    You love sunshine
  3. The colour Purple
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Feeling grateful
  1. Drive me literally everywhere and never ask me for gas money
  2. Would literally drop everything and be there for me if I needed them
  3. Know exactly what to say in each situation if I'm ever feeling down
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It's been a rough couple months but I'm finally getting back into it and just wanted to share why :-))
  1. This new Weeknd album is LIT and makes me feel allllll types of wayss
  2. Been going out a lot more and surrounding myself with the people who make me truly happy
  3. Schools been going good, despite all the stress with applications
    Learning to take things as they come
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  1. The rooftop in New York
  2. Seeing the internet garage sign
  3. When I would reference something from pop culture and he would get it
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I try to explain it to my friends sometimes but I can't seem to put it in words, maybe I can put it into a list
  1. Content
  2. Special
  3. Interesting
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  1. It's the buffer month that my dad won't turn the heater on yet
  1. Why
  2. I have no idea
  3. I guess I wasn't enough
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  1. He missed me
  2. He's back
  3. He's mine
  4. It's still hard but it's better than not having him. Remember that.
  1. I'll be really really happy
  2. Everything will be okay
  3. I'll have him
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