Watched the movie with my kids this weekend, and now I have questions.
  1. Why doesn't the movie feature a full band performance of "The Legend of the Rent"?
    That decision was not way hardcore.
  2. How do the parents of the non musicians react?
    I'm sure Summer's mom can get behind her daughter learning about business, and the costume and lighting designers showed real creativity. But if my kid spent three weeks being a roadie, security or a groupie, I'd be pretty annoyed.
  3. Ned Schneebly: great name or greatest name?
    Possibly the best thing Mike White ever created, including Enlightened.
  4. Was there supposed to be a romance?
    A few scenes suggest Joan Cusack likes Dewey as more than a colleague, but her last scene involves the skeevy guitarist from No Vacancy hitting on her.
  5. What do you call that thing the No Vacancy guitarist wears to Battle of the Bands?
    It's like a jacket that's missing everything but the sleeves.