Long before Andy Dwyer and Mouserat (aka Scarecrow Boat, aka Just the Tip, aka Fiveskin, aka...) entered my world, I was fascinated with fictional TV bands and their godawful names. Here are some favorites:
  1. Frozen Embryos (MSCL)
  2. Jeffster! (Chuck)
  3. The Heights (whose one hit, "How Do You Talk to an Angel," is playing as I compose this)
  4. Driveshaft (Lost)
  5. Crucifictorious (Friday Night Lights)
  6. Dr Funke's 100 Percent Natural Good Time Family Band Solution (Arrested Development)
  7. Scrantonicity (The Office)
  8. Dingoes Ate My Baby (Buffy)
  9. Hep Alien (Gilmore Girls)