Back to the Future Day inspired me to re-watch the first movie and then reconsider the sequels, and I have questions.
  1. When Marty's trapped in the past, why don't Marty and Doc just siphon off gas from the DeLorean that Doc buried in the mountain?
    Technically, Bob Gale has answered this one: I just don't love the explanation.
  2. Who thought it was a good idea to give Marty a hair trigger temper anytime someone calls him a chicken?
    Doesn't at all fit his personality as depicted in the first movie, as a kid who's very much like the original timeline version of his father, and is defined by his fear of rejection.
  3. What would the sequels have been like if Crispin Glover had done them?
    George is killed off in the alt-1985 of part II, and Michael J. Fox has to play his own ancestor in part III. Would there have been a lot more of George, or would the stories have been relatively similar?
  4. Why is Marvin Berry so excited for Marty to play another song with them after he was so awful for 90% of "Earth Angel"?
    Seriously, Marty was collapsing on the stage and the other band members were all glaring at him like, "What the bleep is wrong with this kid?" and then he plays a few good chords at the very end of the song, and suddenly Marvin not only wants him to keep playing with them, but lets him take over the whole band for a song none of them's ever played before?
  5. How does Chuck Berry write "Johnny B. Good" if Marvin doesn't put him on the phone until after Marty's begun his guitar solo?
    By the time Marvin holds out the phone for Chuck to hear, Marty's stopped playing what we know of as the song and started rifling through his impressions of Pete Townshend, Eddie Van Halen, et al.
  6. Why is the McFly family as similar as it is in the new timeline?
    They're much more successful, but still live in that house, Marty's siblings haven't moved out, Marty's older brother isn't named Marty despite Lorraine's newfound love of the name after the new events of 1955...