In honor of the late Fred Dalton Thompson.
  1. Adam Schiff.
    No contest. In a L&O character fantasy draft, he might well be second pick after Briscoe.
  2. Jack McCoy
    Smartest decision of latter-era L&O was to promote Jack and force him to have to supervise a younger version of himself. I only wish the show lasted longer with the Cutter/Rubirosa/McCoy trinity.
  3. Arthur Branch
    Solid rebound after the Lewin fiasco. Giving Jack a philosophical opponent he had to respect made for an interesting dynamic.
  4. Alfred Wentworth
    Only in one episode (the pilot made for cbs), but still light years ahead of Lewin.
  5. Nora Lewin
    Neither Dianne Wiest nor the writers seemed to have any idea why she was there.