I used to work at a newsroom desk, where I had no wall space to call my own. These days, I have my own office, where I get to hang some of my favorite pieces of art I've either acquired myself or been sent as job swag. This is what I'm looking at when I turn away from my computer or the TV on my desk to admire the interior view.
  1. Veronica Mars noir poster
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    A Comic-Con giveaway from the UPN days, it hangs behind me and is visible whenever I record an Ask Alan video (or from the defunct Firewall & Iceberg video show).
  2. Chuck '80s action movie poster
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    Another Comic-Con item, this hung side-by-side with Veronica in the last office, but is now on an opposite wall, with Jeffster staring me right in the face as I sit down every morning.
  3. Terriers poster
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    Such a great show. Such a terrible name/marketing campaign. Still, my love of the show overwhelms my annoyance with the snarling dog at the center of this one.
  4. NYPD Blue milk ad
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    I think I cut this one out of an Entertainment Weekly issue. This show was the start of my career as a TV reviewer; gotta keep a memento of it close by.
  5. Battlestar Galactica: The Last Supper
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    Sci Fi (before it became Syfy) sent these out as a thank you to critics sometime during the final season.
  6. The Wire season 1 poster
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    Small compared to some of the others, but that seems about right for a show that almost nobody watched when it was originally on.
  7. X-Files "I Want to Believe" poster
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    Not an exact replica of the one in Fox Mulder's office (his didn't promise a 6-episode miniseries debuting in January), but still a nice bit of recent swag. Have to figure out where on the wall I want to hang it.