1. Yes. I have grown to adore good sushi.
  2. No. Not all of Japan has bullet trains. The slower trains are still pretty nice here.
  3. No. Sadly, I haven't learned a bunch of Japanese. Social phrases and responses aren't too hard; however, full conversation-level Japanese is fairly difficult to learn. Also, I work 40 hrs a week with English speakers.
  4. Yes, I've hiked Fuji. Yes - you should do it! No- you won't want to hike it twice.
  5. No. I still am not too interested in anime or manga.
  6. Yes. Everyone one is incredibly polite in public. It makes you want to respond politely as well- awesome right?!
  7. Yes. Lost in Translation still rings true- at least for Tokyo.
  8. Yes- visit Japan! The country is beautiful, historical, modern, complex, and vibrant.