Books I Have Read More Than Once

It's fairly rare that I re-read a book so:
  1. Jane Eyre
    Forever jealous of her blazing self-respect
  2. Enchantment
    By Orson Scott Card... Because he makes fantasy with depth and heart
  3. Children of the River
    I think I read this at least three times in high school. A romance that gave me info on recent-ish world events and has characters that seek justice and mercy (! Right?!)
  4. The Great Gatsby
    My high school teacher was correct - it reads like a whole different story when you re-read in your later 20's.
  5. Persuasion
    A bit more somber than other cheerful Austen books, but I love it all the same.
  6. Life of Pi
    There are books that have paragraphs that feel like pieces of art. This is one of them.
  7. Scary Close
    This is the only book I have on my phone and I keep rereading bits of it here and there. Simple and incredibly well written- Miller makes writing look easy.