Written on the tail end of Toronto to Tokyo - nearly 13 hrs in the air. This list could be unending
  1. Aisle Seat
    I hear that window can work if you like leaning and not getting up like, ever; but for me it's aisle all the way.
  2. Hydrate
    All water all the time. Which is also a reason to choose aisle.
  3. Pack a Small Bag in your Carry-on
    Because no matter how small the carry on is, on the long flight you want a few things accessible and the least amount near your feet as possible.
  4. Reserve A Special Meal
    Whether you are vegetarian or only 'kinda mostly pescatarian' like me, getting your food first is awesome and I think it's sometimes better.
  5. That neck pillow? Yes.
    Also eye mask really does help significantly.
  6. Plan the time
    I know, type A, whatever. Usually I try to not watch my two 'most want to watch' movies back to back- gotta save something for that final 5 hrs when it feels like time has slowed down.
  7. You can lean forward on the tray
    And it is a welcome change of nap position
  8. Stretch in the seat
    Your mom said to do this: she's right
  9. Lip balm
    The air is so dry
  10. Be awake and alert for takeoff and landing
    Research says these are practically the only risky parts of any flight. Know which exit is closest - best is less than seven seats away
  11. Walk
    If you awesomely have an aisle seat, get up as much as you'd like when the seatbelt sign is off. This will also make your non-aisle seat partners happy. And No One cares how many times you go to the bathroom. At all. Truly.
  12. Try to sleep when they dim the lights
    Even an hour of 'nap/sleep' will help a bit more than nothing