Started at the pilot episode last night... No spoilers please! I'll keep adding to the list as I watch.
  1. They all have pagers
    I knew this was a 1999 season one start, but the snappy dialogue makes me feel like it could be more recent than that. Yet...pagers.
  2. The topics are still relevant
    The pilot episode addresses refugee/migrants crossing oceans in what can roughly be called 'rafts' and the description felt so familiar.
  3. So many phone calls
    Honestly, I overlook the wonder of smartphones and texts and emails.
  4. Hopeful-ness?
    It feels a bit like time travel, seeing even an imaginary world pre-2000, before 9/11, before smart phones- it's interesting! Somehow this show addresses 'issues' but you always feel like everyone really wants the best for the country.
  5. Differences in Parties
    Can I just say that the portrayal of both democrats and republicans is starkly different from current media portrayals? Yes.