(Most are ridiculous)
  1. Taking down birthday decorations and having to pop balloons 😢
  2. The part of the day where I realize that I wasted hours of my life that I won't get back
  3. When I skip working out for a week and imagine my 92 year old self feeling regretful for the good ole days
  4. When I watch movies with lead actors who have died
    Mrs Doubtfire anyone?
  5. When I think of the refugee families I worked with who are still sleeping in tents and camps in Greece
  6. The passing thought that my 'soul mate' may have died in a sudden car accident and I never got to meet him
    (This is also kind of why I don't believe in soul mates)
  7. When spoons fall behind the fridge, never to be used again.
    Aw frog and toad
  8. Wondering if my pet fully knows how much I love him