Train Travel in Japan

Compiled by a slightly weary work traveler attempting to remind herself how great travel is in Japan
  1. Headed out! Typhoon condition level 3 announced by the local base, but I managed to get to the train station before the piles of rain
  2. Picking Up Reserved Tickets
    This lovely worker approached me by name ('Sarah-San?') and swiftly procured all the tickets for my multi-city trip. I forget that in the States I would never encounter a station worker knowing their morning reservation list well enough to call people by name. Here, it helps that I am so obviously a foreigner in name and looks.
  3. Waiting for the Train
    This first train is not a bullet train, yet it will arrive exactly on time. Love that.
  4. Aaaand I spoke too soon.
    The train is currently 10min late. Which means the conductor people will likely bow and apologize to everyone as we get on. Still- come on Japan, don't let me down! I'm li.sting this!
  5. I'm off!
    Misty and green- rural Japan on Kyushu island is a bit magical.
  6. The Rain Arrives
    An hour into the trip, the rain is here.
  7. Lunch break
    Arrived at bigger transfer station with time for delicious sushi and onigiri. Japanese fresh food= so good!
  8. Shinkansen!
    The bullet trains are long and crazy fast...
  9. With super aerodynamic shape....
  10. And leg room to spare
  11. Destination....
    Almost... Half hour by taxi yet to go. This friendly taxi driver smiled saying 'base-u?' And then immediately turned the radio to the American station for the ride 😜