My roomie once told me she thinks I could live on a deserted island and be just fine. This may be why.... Here is a list of things people do that GETS ON MY NERVES
  1. If you eat fish, you aren't a vegetarian.
    This would be called a "pescatarian"
  2. If you are a "vegan", you shouldn't be eating dairy.
  3. If you smell bad, can't you smell yourself?!
    Dude when I smell bad, I can smell it long before anyone else. So if I can smell you, you should be fully aware of it! 😷
  4. If the toilet paper runs out and you're too lazy to change it.
    Also, if you don't put it on the correct way.
  5. Negative people drive me nuts!
    If you're going to complain about something but not do anything to change it then that's stupid.
  6. Entitled people
    News flash: nobody is entitled to anything.
  7. Slobs
    How hard is it to rinse a dish and stick it in the dishwasher?
  8. Most children
    Ever since people stopped believing in disciplining their children, they have pretty much become monsters.
  9. When guys leave the toilet seat up
    If you're at my house, put the seat back down. I have all sisters so it doesn't occur to me to check before I sit down.
  10. Slamming on your brakes on the highway
    Or riding your brakes. It's unnecessary.