Let Me Listroduce Myself!

  1. This is me, Sarah
  2. I'm in graduate school at the University of Missouri
  3. Grad school for chemistry! Then I'm going to Law School.
  4. My favorite hobby is working out
  5. My other favorite hobby is playing my piano
  6. My dream in life is to be in a fitness magazine.
  7. I'm working on building my muscles so I can do bikini competitions.
  8. Clearwater Beach, FL is my happy place
  9. I used to have my nose pierced but I don't think it added to my nose so I took it out.
  10. I have 3 sisters and two nieces. #GirlPower
  11. I used to have a pit bull named Molly. I miss her so much :(
  12. I love learning new things and making lists! I'm probably the most organized person I've ever met.