Starting a business? Mine is 20 years old. I did these 7 things this order :

AND before the Internet and I only had $500.
  1. Came up with a name. (My husband actually did that) years before business became a reality. "Seraphim", he said. "What's that mean?" I said. "Seraphim are the highest order of God's Angels." 😇
  2. Had my artist sister design a logo/business card.
  3. Told a few people what I was doing. One special friend cheered me on.
  4. Booked a couple of clients. Since I could not yet afford to rent a space I saw them at my house. (I'll never forget those nice 2 ladies).
  5. Bought one piece of equipment at a time.
  6. Found a tiny office (closet really) and rented it from a chiropractor in a "ritzy" part of town.
  7. Prayed a lot. And swam a lot cause I couldn't sleep.
  8. Seraphim Skin Care
  9. Seraphim Skin Care