Here are some of my fave chic flicks ever
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    Mean Girls
    Yes, I know it might be an obvious classic, but every since it blessed my the cinema screen it has been a firm sleepover favourite. Bitchy girls, social pressures and crushes, it's taught teenage girls a lesson- be yourself.
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    An oldie but a goodie, this film is great. Cher is funny and fashion-forward, with a kind heart that is in the right place. This film deals with the issues of friendship.
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    Pitch Perfect (1&2)
    The ultimate girl power film, watch the Barden Bellas go from shambles to fame, working through tough times. Great music and very funny! Shows girls the power of female friendship.
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    Legally Blonde
    This film is not only funny, it has an important message- you can do whatever you want to do if you work hard and that you shouldn't let people define you as 'dumb'. Hard times only makes you stronger! 💪Plus I love all the pink 👏