5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

This list was ever so kindly suggested by the app. Making it is the equivalent of having that Bliss image of a rolling green hill as your Windows XP wallpaper.
  1. Tone deafness (and lack thereof)
    I send this picture to anyone who asks why I won't go to a Coldplay concert with them.
  2. ...around ?
    Took this photo at a club. Wasn't sure if art or if I should avoid sitting on the couch under it.
  3. This punny Swiss beer
    God is in the details.
  4. A portrait of Dorian Gray by Karl Lagerfeld
    Taken at an exhibition in Paris
  5. Switzerland sure is pretty
    Taken by me, with a little help from Instagram. Location: Rochers de Naye, near Montreux.