I always thought whoever comes up with the headlines for the Daily Show segments is the unsung hero of that show. These are all from the Jon Stewart era.
  1. President evil
    Re: GOP's paranoia about President Obama
  2. A million gays to deny in the Midwest
    When Indiana passed "religious freedom" legislation that was basically an excuse to discriminate against the LGBT community
  3. The Vagina ideologues
    Re: firestorm about contraception policy
  4. Whose red line is it anyway
    Re: the less than clear red line President Obama kept referring to when it came to Bachar el Assad's treatment of the Syrian people
  5. The Indecision 2000s
    A classic.
  6. Start wars
    When the GOP advocated for bombing Iran instead of negotiating the nuclear deal
  7. Mess O'Potamia
    Recurring title for anything regarding the invasion of Iraq or its consequences
  8. Iraq to the future
  9. The Special network
    When Fox News wanted to be given credit for doing absolutely nothing special
  10. Majority retort
    Re: GOP's many responses to Obama's State of the Union in 2015
  11. The Fresh Prince of Ball Air
    Re: Deflategate
  12. Rand theft caught'o
    When Rand Paul stole lines from Wikipedia for a speech
  13. The big wang theory
    Re: Anthony Weiner's dick pic scandal
  14. Les measlesrables
    Re: Measles outbreak
  15. Get us to the Geek
    Re: the search for Edward Snowden
  16. Lawsuits of the Rich and Shameless
    When AIG's CEO sued the government for "unfair treatment".
  17. GOP almighty
    2012 election
  18. We miss you, Jon.