My old fart-y rant of the day
  1. People who use "😂" passive-aggressively
  2. People who use "lol" at the end of every sentence in an attempt to give a nonchalant vibe. E.g. Men on Tinder after saying something slightly creepy
    You don't look nonchalant and laid-back. You look like an idiot who can't end a sentence.
  3. "If a white person/man/straight person did this it would be..."
    If you're pointing out a double standard with the genuine intention of opening a constructive debate then that's okay, but too often it's basically a bunch of straight white men picking holes when there is really no need to in an attempt to provoke a reaction.
  4. The fact that being "petty" is now considered not just okay but also funny and deserving of praise.
    See: meme pages everywhere.