On my 27th birthday, here are 27 ways I haven't changed (as a companion to this list: 27 WAYS I'VE CHANGED)
  1. I still love Gilmore Girls
  2. I still accidentally drool when I'm laughing too hard
  3. I still find comfort in a mug of tea
  4. My taste in music hasn't changed in years
  5. I still have social anxiety
  6. I still have acne
  7. I still have zero fashion sense
  8. I'm still sentimental as fuck
  9. I still play the piano and love Chopin
  10. I still keep a journal
  11. I still get overly emotional
  12. I still get obsessed over television and fantasize over my favorite ships
  13. I still prioritize my family over everything
  14. I still buy the same brand of sneakers
  15. I still like to sing when no one is home
  16. I still never clean my glasses
  17. I still love walking by the lake
  18. I still hate the smell of cigarette smoke
  19. I still prefer juice to alcohol
  20. I still love my mother's cooking the best
  21. I still feel lonely and left out sometimes
  22. I still live in Chicago
  23. I still care too much about what other people think
  24. Spring is still my favorite season
  25. A sunny day can still brighten my mood
  26. I still find comfort in a pint of ice cream
  27. I still smile really big