1. Bill Adama
    Sometimes you have to roll the hard six, but not when you're picking Adama as your favorite curmudgeon with a heart of gold.
  2. Laura Roslin
    Tough, spiritual, intelligent lady
  3. Kara Thrace
  4. Saul Tigh
    After he lost his eye he became Saul Motherfrakkin' Tigh
  5. Sharon Athena Valerii
    Loyal and utterly human
  6. Doc Cottle
    Chain-smoking lovable grouch
  7. Felix Gaeta
    What a tragic character.
  8. Caprica Six
    Sensual and strong. Her only fault is falling in love with a huge douchebag. Oh, and helping commit genocide.
  9. Ellen Tigh
    So annoying at first, then tragic, then powerful.
  10. Gaius Baltar
    Huge douchebag. But extremely entertaining.
  11. Officer Dualla
    Sweet and sensible. Too bad she got roped into a dumb love triangle.
  12. Chief Galen Tyrol
    Fool for love.
  13. Sam Anders
    Hot and kind. But kind of boring.
  14. Helo Karl Agathon
    Noble and good. But really boring.
  15. Lee Adama
    Always frakking things up. I will never forget Fat Lee.
  16. Boomer
  17. Admiral Cain
    Super tough. Too tough. Also, an abuser.
  18. Cally
    God Cally, you don't marry the guy who beat you into a bloody pulp and is still obviously in love with a cylon.
  19. Tory
  20. Leoben
    What a creep.
  21. Tom Zarek
    Nobody cares about you, Zarek.
  22. John Cavil
    The villain of the piece. Religious nut.
  23. Hera
    God, just stop running away from your parents already!