1. The Great British Baking Show
    Extremely talented home bakers set in bucolic England. The judges say things like "absolutely scrummy!"
  2. Masterchef Junior
    The kids are adorable and incredibly talented. Gordon Ramsey is super nice.
  3. Cupcake Wars
    The people on this show are a disaster that's fun to watch. Some creative things happen. Justin's puns will make you groan. Florian says things like "eet doesn't wark for me."
  4. Chopped
    Some people have interesting life stories. Loads of creativity. Scott Conant says things like "I HATE red onions!" and "SALT THE PASTA WATER."
  5. Iron Chef (original, not american)
    The dubbed judges are hilarious. The chefs are super high caliber and usually blend French with Asian styles, which is interesting.