1. Becoming, Pts 1 and 2
    The end of an amazing and iconic season, this finale had it all: sword fights, heart break, witchcraft, love, and death.
  2. Graduation Day, Pts. 1 and 2
    A fitting end to the high school chapter, this finale had an epic fight between two slayers, the whole school rallying behind Buffy, the mayor's ascension, and the blowing up of Sunnydale High.
  3. The Gift
    A beautiful end to Buffy 1.0. She died in the most fitting way possible, sacrificing herself for the people she loved.
  4. Prophecy Girl
    The first time we realize that this isn't an ordinary teenage show. Buffy is faced with death at 16 years old, and she chooses to be a hero. Slightly campy, but that's just a product of time.
  5. Restless
    Artsy fartsy. I liked discerning all the hidden symbolism and foreshadowing, but it was a bit too pretentious.
  6. Grave
    I know a lot of people hate the crayon speech, but I thought it was affecting, and I always liked the idea of ordinary human Xander saving the day. But Buffy is relegated to a boring subplot with Dawn, literally trapped in a grave for most of the episode.
  7. Chosen
    I will never, NEVER, forgive the show for having fucking Spike (Spike, for gods sake) single-handedly save the world with a deus ex machina amulet on what is supposed to be show about girl power.