Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy is a weird and wonderful surrealist show with a whole host of colorful characters. Here they are from best to worst
  1. Todd Lagoona
    Hates tofu, doesn't care who knows it
  2. Joey Ramone
    A sweet, innocent plasticine man. Life sure is funny, isn't it? Oh, Joey Ramone.
  3. Tony Reason
    His insights into being a music producer are gold
  4. Noel
    A stand-in for the real Noel, but a little less cool
  5. Fantasy Man
    Let's all go into the fantasy zone! It's a little bit heartbreaking when Fantasy Man always ends up in reality.
  6. Daddy Push
    The coolest winkle
  7. Dolly
    Stylish and sassy
  8. Doo Rag
    His voice is like a lullaby
  9. City Gent
    I just love Richard Ayoade talking at length about anything
  10. Ian Gauge
    A French singer who sings from his soul
  11. French Toast
    The French Toast who refuses Ian Gauge's love
  12. Andy Warhol
    I enjoy his art humor and references to famous 20th century artists
  13. Smooth
    He's mixed race but he doesn't like to talk about it
  14. Reality Man
    It's Richard Ayoade with a cup on his chin
  15. Terry
    The show's biggest fan!
  16. Sugar Bone Thompson
    Adorable. I would fall in love with this hat.
  17. Pele
    Is it a ball or is it a dish??
  18. Roy Circles
    A chocolate finger with depression
  19. God
    Always reminded me of the Monty Python animations
  20. King Tutta
  21. Little Chrissy
    On a quest to see the Jelly Fox!
  22. McCoy
    Love the crunch sound he makes
  23. Spoon Snake
    "Am I nothing?" Spooky
  24. Claw
  25. Big Chief Woolabum Boomalackaway
    His name is fun to say, but he never did sit well with me
  26. Ghost of a Flea
    A bit weird
  27. Jeremy Beautiful Chest
    He is paying for all the free things in the world, so...
  28. Cucumbers of Cool
    They all wanted to be somebody else
  29. Fantasy Block
    Like a cross between a clown and the Michelin man
  30. Ice Cream Eyes
    Oh, ice cream eyes...
  31. Tony Coins
  32. Adam printout
  33. Eugene Secret Note Passed Under the Door
  34. The Tiger with Chlamydia
  35. Hooper
  36. Lysergic Casserole
    Reminds me too much of Owen Wilson
  37. Paul Panfer
    Love "basoo!" and his song, don't really like the tit sucking thing
  38. Secret Peter
    Never really got this purple blob
  39. Diamondback
    Love his songs, but his face is too creepy
  40. Dondylion
    Something about him freaks me out
  41. Sgt. Raymond Boombox
    He's a favorite among many, but I never warmed to him
  42. The Audience
    A terrifying clown
  43. The Gash
    Too abrasive
  44. Danny Bullet
    The most annoying character