1. Spaced
    The perfect blend of humor, pathos, and quirkiness. A celebration of friendship between weird people. Clever and fast-paced. Cannot recommend enough.
  2. The IT Crowd
    Pure fun. Richard Ayoade is brilliant as Moss. Will never stop laughing at the work outing and dinner party episodes.
  3. That Mitchell and Webb Look
    Love this duo!
  4. The Mighty Boosh
    Surrealist comedy at its finest.
  5. Peep Show
    Awkward comedy at its finest. I identify with Mark too much. Sometimes it gets gross.
  6. Black Books
    Dylan Moran kills it as the caustic bookshop owner. LOVE the wine episode.
  7. Monty Python's Flying Circus
    I admit to not having seen all of it, but the bits I have seen are classic British humor.