1. Hello, new li.sters!
  2. And hello followers who I don't know very well!
  3. Here are a few lists of mine that will help you get to know me
    And I look forward to getting to know you/getting to know you better!
  4. Every board game I've ever played, ranked: EVERY BOARD GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED, RANKED
    I'm obsessed with Eurogames
  5. 27 ways I've changed: 27 WAYS I'VE CHANGED
    I wrote this on my 27th birthday
  6. 27 ways I haven't changed: 27 WAYS I HAVEN'T CHANGED
  7. Songs that make me feel both happy and sad: SONGS THAT MAKE ME FEEL HAPPY AND SAD, ALL AT THE SAME TIME
  8. Favorite pieces of classical music: CLASSICAL PIECES THAT MAKE MY HEART SWELL
  9. The best hike I've ever been on: THE BEST HIKE I'VE EVER BEEN ON
  10. Things I'm going to do on my dead mom's birthday: THINGS I'M GOING TO DO TODAY ON MY DEAD MOM'S BIRTHDAY
    The outpouring of support I got from this list was what made me realize li.st was something special
  11. Self care tips: BIGGEST PET PEEVES
  12. Things I've baked this year: DESSERTS I HAVE MADE THIS YEAR
  13. Biggest pet peeves: BIGGEST PET PEEVES
  14. Every character from Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, ranked: EVERY NOEL FIELDING'S LUXURY COMEDY CHARACTER, RANKED
    Noel Fielding is my spirit animal