1. It was spring of my junior year in college
    My social life was pretty dead, and at that time I had pretty much given up on having a boyfriend. So I vowed to myself to have more adventures, if only to stave off boredom.
  2. I had just gotten into swing dancing
    There was a swing dance event at my school that my friend and I went to, and we had a blast. So she invited me to another event at a school across the city the following week.
  3. There weren't a lot of people there
    A couple of old folks, some grad students, and some undergrads, future husband included.
  4. I'm not very good at eye contact
    So the first thing I noticed about him were his sideburns. The second thing I noticed was his curly brown hair. The crush begins.
  5. We danced a couple of times
    And while we danced, we made small talk.
  6. He established himself as a huge nerd
    As soon as he started to equate swing dancing with linear algebra, my spider senses started tingling.
  7. We talked more and more as the night went on
    Well, he mostly talked and I listened, because I became extremely shy when I realized I liked him. He was really funny, and we spent most of the time just laughing.
  8. Finally, he said had to leave
    Just before he left, I made sure to get his name again (because I had forgotten it already).
  9. The next morning, I friended him on Facebook
    And five years later, we are happily married.