1. I miss her
  2. I miss her smile
  3. I miss her hands
  4. I miss her soft hair
  5. I miss her laugh
  6. I miss how just the sound of her voice could make me feel better about anything
  7. I miss her presence
  8. I miss her warmth
  9. I miss how she'd compare our hands together, and she'd admire how soft and delicate mind were
    But I'd always think her worn hands were beautiful too, because they were a measure of her hard work and strength
  10. I miss hearing her talk about her work
  11. I miss hearing her tell me all the wisdom she's learned in life
  12. I miss how I would always go shopping with her because I just liked spending time with her, even though I hated shopping
  13. I miss hearing her sing around the house
  14. I miss how she'd ask me to look up song lyrics on the internet so she could sing them
  15. I miss the smell of her lotion, and the smell of her hair spray
  16. I miss seeing her put her makeup on
  17. I miss walking around the neighborhood with her on a warm summer night
  18. I miss holding hands with her, like I was still a little girl
  19. I miss helping her cook
  20. I miss the taste of her home-cooked meals, especially the recipes I still can't get just right
  21. I miss making dumplings and moon cakes with her
  22. I miss how she'd always ask, "Right, Elena?" And I'd always respond, "Right, mom!" Because she knew I'd always be on her side no matter what
  23. I miss snuggling up next to her on the couch with my dog and a bowl of popcorn while we watched TV together
  24. I miss the unique way she said certain words, like "proud" and "forever"
  25. I miss how she'd always laugh when I sang along to old jazz tunes
  26. I miss her strong hugs
  27. I miss how she'd braid my hair
  28. I miss seeing her be the life of every party
  29. I miss how she was the life of our family
  30. I miss how she'd say scandalous things just to laugh at my reaction
  31. I miss watching scary movies with her, because I'd be hiding behind a pillow, but she'd just be laughing at how silly the movie was
  32. I miss going to the library to borrow movies with her
  33. I miss how she'd always leave me voicemails that started with "Hi 'Lena"
  34. I miss how she'd always end her texts with "love you, miss you"
  35. I miss how she knew me better than anyone, better than I knew myself
  36. I miss how she'd always buy matching things for us, because our taste in clothes were so similar
    We had the same t-shirts, bathing suits, watches, shoes
  37. I miss how she'd always tell me we were so alike
  38. I miss how open she was, and how she'd talk about anything without shame
  39. I miss how funny she was
  40. I miss how she'd say "Brad Pitt is sexy" just because she knew it'd make me laugh
  41. I miss how she always wanted us to take a million pictures of her on vacation
  42. I miss how she and I would relax on the beach together during vacations while everyone else did more active things
  43. I miss how she and I were homebodies, preferring to stay home during holidays rather than travel
  44. I miss massaging her legs when they were sore, and feeling really proud when she dozed off while I massaged them
  45. I miss how she would do anything to make us laugh, no matter how silly or crazy it was
  46. I miss going to Zumba class with her
  47. I miss helping her do the dishes
  48. I miss how we like the same kind of food, and we both preferred sour and salty flavors
  49. I miss how I always felt safe with her
  50. I miss a million more things about her
  51. I miss everything about her
  52. She was the most beautiful person in the world
  53. Love you, miss you