1. Keep exercising every other day
    UPDATE: This was more like exercise twice a week. Which, I think is fine? Not sure....
  2. Do yoga every morning
    UPDATE: I did not adhere to this. I want to keep trying next month.
  3. Send at least 5 pitches per week
    UPDATE: Yeah....no.....
  4. Write essays regularly
    UPDATE: Doing this! Participating in a writing workshop had really helped keep me on task.
  5. Get out of the house to do work
    UPDATE: Tried this once. It was okay. Might be better once weather gets warmer? I still can't decide if the noise in a cafe is too distracting or not...
  6. Do a bit of watercolors every day
    UPDATE: Nope, but only because I discovered water coloring is really fucking hard. I'm okay with doing this once a week.
  7. Finish learning the Liszt piece
    UPDATE: Finished learning it! Now I have to get it up to tempo and memorize...
  8. Get Mary Berry's baking book and bake something every week
    UPDATE: Did this! No complaints!
  9. Organize the closet
  10. NO bubble breaker
    UPDATE: I did this! SO PROUD
  11. Read articles instead of bookmarking for later
    UPDATE: Kind of. I should carve out more reading time.
  12. Watch a Chinese cooking video every day
    UPDATE: I did this, but I'd often check twitter while watching, so not really effective.
  13. Call my grandma more often
    UPDATE: not really, should really work on this. So bad at communicating.....
  14. Make more friends somehow? Join the board game meetup group? Join other meetup groups?
    UPDATE: Did not happen, not sure if it ever will, not sure if I should accept this or not
  15. Try to sleep better (take melatonin, don't look at the phone in bed)
    UPDATE: I did take melatonin every night, but sometimes I'd look at my phone...
  16. Drink less alcohol
    UPDATE: Ehhh