I am Chinese. I am female. Sometimes, this comes with complications.
  1. The TSA agent who snarkily said "i hope you have a better day" when I dared not to smile
    I was having a really shitty day, but I said hello and thank you in complete politeness. I don't think I should have to smile at someone if I'm feeling horrible inside. I was respectful, what more do you expect?
  2. The TSA agent who said to my husband, "she's not very happy, is she," when I dared to not smile
    I was having a perfectly fine day and acted extremely politely to her as I handed her my passport, thank you very much.
  3. The TSA agent who started speaking to me in gibberish. I looked at him in confusion. He says, "what, you don't speak Chinese?"
    1. Yes, I do speak Chinese. 2. No, whatever you were saying didn't sound remotely like Chinese. 3. Why the fuck would you assume someone who looked Asian was Chinese? 4. Why the fuck would you assume that someone who looked Chinese would know how to speak Chinese?
  4. We were playing a board game. I was the only Asian there. I chose the yellow marker, just because. He laughed really loudly when I said "I'll be yellow."
    He didn't elaborate why he laughed, probably because he realized I took offense when I wasn't laughing with him.
  5. Everyone laughing about the funny English translations of Chinese phrases. In front of me.
    A lot of these were direct, literal translations of Chinese phrases, which of course wouldn't make sense in English. Ugh.
  6. My white grad school professors who assumed I was a foreign student who couldn't speak English
    Nope, I'm just quiet.
  7. And in general:
  8. People rolling their eyes when I tell them I play the piano.
    Fun fact: I genuinely love the piano, as do many people who are Asian, or not Asian, or you know, anyone who likes music.
  9. People rolling their eyes when I tell them I'm an engineer (read: good at math)
    Fun fact: I'm actually not that good at math in general, which is partly why I quit being an engineer. 👍
  10. White people saying things in an Asian accent (substituting "L" for "R" in words) or speaking gibberish that sounds Chinese (chong chang ching) for the laughs
    Fun fact: I'm not laughing.
  11. These are just a few examples I can think of.
  12. Most of them happened within the past year.
  13. I'm betting I've dealt with a lot more micro aggressions growing up that I never even realized were racist or sexist at the time, and just assumed they were true, or normal