1. Conan O'Brien
    ALWAYS. I prefer classic Late Night Conan, but his current TBS gig has some good hits as well
  2. Stephen Colbert
    Still warming up to the gig, but he's just so damn awesome
  3. Craig Ferguson
    Quirky. Scottish.
  4. David Letterman
    A late night great. Lovable grump. Comedic pioneer.
  5. James Corden
  6. Seth Myers
    Boring. Bland. Vanilla. The most grating giggle. Bleh.
  7. Jimmy Fallon
    He's a talented and nice guy, but a TERRIBLE late night host. Fawns over guests. Suck-up. Not funny. Terrible interviewer. UGH.
  8. Jay Leno
    Unfunny hack. Stole the Tonight Show from Conan. Need I say more?