1. In high school, I was obsessed with a sketch comedy group called Olde English
  2. The group included Jesse Novak, brother of @bjnovak
    @jesseno did a lot of the music, and starred in some of my favorite sketches
  3. The group also included Raphael Bob Waksberg, creator of Bojack Horseman
  4. A few years ago, I went to a screening of their movie, The Exquisite Corpse Project
    A wonderful movie, by the way
  5. I even got a picture with Ben Popik!
  6. They said they'd be going to a local eatery after the screening, and people were welcome to join them
    The Friendly Toast in Boston, for anyone wondering
  7. My friends and I went, but we were too scared to sit at their table
    So we sat a few tables down
  8. Before we left, I went to use the bathroom
  9. And just as I was about to enter the women's bathroom, who should come out of the men's bathroom but Raphael Bob-Waksberg!
  10. I was completely startled and star struck
    He was my favorite Olde English member, and I adore Bojack Horseman
  11. I briefly made eye contact, and desperately wanted a picture
  12. But then I was like, I'm about to go to the bathroom, and he just came out of the bathroom, and this awkward staring is becoming more awkward, and I have to go die now
  13. So I just wordlessly went into the bathroom, and I regret not getting a picture with him to this day
  14. The end