Watching Gilmore Girls always brings out intense cravings for the food they eat. God I'm so hungry right now.
  1. Pop tarts and coffee
  2. Donuts and coffee
  3. Danish and coffee
  4. Large cheeseburger, fries (the wedges kind), coke, coffee
  5. Copious amounts of Chinese take out, tea
    Kung pao chicken, sesame chicken, orange chicken, general tso's chicken, greasy noodles, omg I'm drooling now
  6. Tacos (and coffee?)
  7. Mallomars and coffee
  8. Tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, crying, and coffee
  9. Magic risotto and wine
  10. Pizza, soda, and a movie
  11. Ice cream in cones
  12. Blueberry pancakes and coffee
  13. Extra chocolatey brownies and coffee