Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Not moving back home the year before my mom died when she was sick
  2. I had just moved to Boston for a new job, and the rest of my family was still in Chicago
  3. When we got the diagnosis, we weren't sure how bad it was, or what the prognosis was exactly
  4. We all thought she had at least a few years
  5. I wanted to move back, but my mom being my mom, she didn't want me to worry about her, and wanted me to focus on my own life and do well at work
  6. I know people say the best thing I could do was to do well in life so my mom could rest easy
  7. But the whole time I was in Boston, I was miserable, depressed, scared, and I missed her
  8. After a few months, I finally decided I had to quit and come back to be with her
  9. On the day I finally moved back, my mom's mind was mostly lost to delirium. It was too late. She died a month later.
  10. I could have had one last year with her. I can never forgive myself for not following my instincts to move back earlier.